Blue screen of death

My attempt to install the firewall was pretty much a disaster. After wasting half an hour and getting the blue screen of death twice I gave up. I am not pleased at all. And I have to say it slowed my start up time down like the computer had molasses in it even slower than Norten did.

Why does no one make a useful firewall that does not require a superfast new system?

Hi, BJK. Too bad you never had the chance to try. Here’s the thread for the BSOD’s:

Hopefully those will be gone in version 3, then you’ll get the opportunity again :slight_smile:

For some reason when I click on the link I get the wonderful this page cannot be displayed message. This just plain is not my day.

Well, it isn’t actually a link to an answer to the BSOD’s, but it’s there to report it. I tried it now it worked for me. Here’s the long path:
Welcome to the Comodo Forum > Desktop Security Products > Comodo Firewall > Help >
BSODs Please add your minidump files here

If you had norton installed before installing Comodo, you have to do the following:

  • Uninstall through add/remove programs
  • Run the removal tool for your edition that WAS installed.

if you have already uninstalled norton and installed comodo:

  • Uninstall comodo (To be safe).
  • Run the removal tool for norton
  • Install comodo again.

The reason for this is that the normal uninstall through add/remove programs does not remove everything and what is left is well known for causing problems with other products installed after Norton.

You may have just been using Norton as a comparison as to how slow the computer is running, if so ignore the above.