blue screen of death with irq less or equal and cmdmn.sys

it happen already twice…I have a blue screen with a meesage "cmdmon.sys…address A9C413BB)…
any help?
should I uninstall the product and reinstall it?
please, help!

driver hardware (memory) and software conflits

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What dirver and software? Please help!

PS: this posts shoud me moved to the HELP-board…

but this CRITICAL-behavior of the firewall can cause DATA-LOSS !!!

Yes this should be in the Help section, I’ll move it now. Thanks hellraiser-rh.

Hi sendero, welcome to the forums.

A BSOD by default on Windows should produce what is called a Minidump & you should be able to find this under the WINDOWS/Minidump directory. If you have a DMP file for this BSOD, then the coder can find out exactly what is causing the error. So, please post a zipped DMP file if you can. Also please confirm which version of CFP you have. Thanks.