Blue Screen of death CIS related?

I get the BSOD when using Uplay to play the New Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six Siege Beta Closed Registration,
This happen’s when using Uplay’s launcher to DL rainbow six. I have uninstalled and confirmed no BSOD after I uninstalled Uplay and cleaned the registry’s. When installing the beta of Rainbow Six Siege, it install’s a new .net framework but I think it might be unrelated since the BSOD happens before the install of that.
Database Number 23307
Win7 64bit
This might not be related to CIS but I thought it might be a good shot to check.

You don’t say what the BSOD is, however a large number are driver related and if you’re getting the BSOD in-game I’d suspect your graphics drivers. Make sure you have the latest driver properly installed for your GPU card.

Ok I’ll give that a shot.

You could try BlueScreenView utility to check which driver might have caused it.

Hope it helps.

So I updated my grahics driver for my GTX 970 with a clean install option. Then I installed Uplay which is Ubisoft’s luancher to handle their many famous game’s. Before the game even got downloaded I got BSOD, so this is confirmed Uplay luancher.
Then CIS after the BSOD takes about 3 minutes to boot up after the crash i window’s. When booting up this time from the BSOD I got another BSOD, do I uninstalled the program VIA safemode, with Comodo programs manager, What I noticed was in safemode CPM does not completly uninstall any application that may have left behind stuff because it freezed at the end of the uninstall leaving it unfinished on the part of CPM.

What I don’t understand is why it is doing it now, when it has never done it with other game’s in the past.

So i couldn’t tell ya if it’s Uplay’s luancher mixed with CIS because I don’t wanna disable CIS for any length of time while connected to the internet.

Maybe windows might have a fix, if they can fix anything. They said I have a free upgrade but it has failed like a dozen time’s, even doing a new install doesn’t let me use my old win7 key. Problems after problems :<.

To be certain you removed CIS completely run this clean up tool in Windows safe mode.

With CIS installed can you see what happens when you the Uplay executable to the Exclusions of HIPS Settings, Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security Help |COMODO]Detect shellcode injections? If Uplay was running while you added it please restart it.

I did not remove CIS at all I am gonna keep it on at all time’s. I will try
“To exclude some of the file types from being monitored under Detect Shellcode injections.” this probably will work. Thx for the help.

What is the BSOD?

If you run Windows 7 on the blue screen there will be lots of text. Nearv the bottom on the left hand side will be a Stop Code, it will look something like 0x0000000A. What is that code for your BSOD?

If you run Windows 8 or later the blue screen with a sad face will have a reson for the BSOD. It will look something like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. What is that code for your BSOD?

Knowing the BSOD code can narrow down the cause of your problem.

So this isn’t CIS related, what I did is went into my registry to see if anything still existed that CPM or Ccleaner didnt pick up and I found a reg that I think i remebered seeing int eh BSOD under a Ubisoft name, so I deleted it since I uninstalled all the ubisoft, and reinstalled it fixed it thx for you help though.

We don’t know if it is CIS related. Could you post a screenshot of what BlueScreenView reports for the crash? We need that information as part of the puzzle.

Ok so I went into my C drive then into windows , mini dump and I found nothing their. The BSOD happened again while playing Uplay with adobe flash player, I wrote down the code in the bottom left corner.


I uninstalled Adobe using CPM and I think I seen something?

When Adobe was finished uninstalling in CPM, I found left over registry from adobe that it left behind it goes to the same registry as the Uplay.exe so I think they are interfering with each other, I posted a screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try with following path : %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP

%SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP was unsuccessful

I uninstalled Adobe and it happened again with “Uplay installed” so now I will just uninstall “uplay” again and maybe keep it uninstalled because it worked for a couple hour’s but when I go to use flash player to watch twitch it just gives me BSOD.

I thought that windows created a minidump file for BSOD how come I dont get mine did I change some settings or path?

Here I post a pic on my settings I did not change anything I think I am positive.

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