Blue Screen Death ( Bad_pool_ Error!!!)

Hey guys I was trying out your new CIS 4 sandbox by trying to run Fire fox as untrusted
when My computer crashed big time
giving Me a blue screen death
with the words Bad pool error

Was this the final release with version number 4.0.135239.742?

Yes it was
I got it from this forum when it was announced

Can you please verify if you have crashfiles present in c:\windows\minidump ? and if so can you post it here so it can be analyzed?

I have looked and it is there
ill try and post it here for you

cant post it cause its a dmp file
do i have to change the file name to text or something

please zip it and upload it here, or change the extension to something like .txt

i hope this ok if not let me know thanks

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Looks like it’s caused by HALMACPI.dll if you google around for that you get lots of issues.
Can you reproduce this every time by running it Sandboxed = Crashed and Normal = No BSOD ?

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Hi Richard S,

Bad Pool is usually caused by a faulty or incompatible hardware driver, particuarly when upgrading WinXP, instead of performing a clean install.



HMmm that strange
My OS is Windows 7 been installed few months ago on top of Windows Vista
I could try to repeat it again but since im not running on a vm machine i dont wont to ruin what i got.
i could run the checkdsk facility and see if there is any damage to system