Blue Screen Crash in only one account whenever Contol Panel is openned

I turned to Comodo because Zone Alarm Pro was Blue Screen Crashing the computer all over the place, and Comodo has such excelent reviews. However, one of my accounts on a new install is having similar problems.

When I open control panel in one of my accounts, it blue screens and crashes. On restarting, Microsoft analyzes the memory dump and says their is conflict with the Antivirus software, BUT please read the following conditions carefully as this is a new install, AND the other account does not have this problem. After that I’ll include the “Important – please read” information that the forumn requests.

I have a fresh install with two accounts that have been both left in the administrator mode while I add software and adjust my settings. I used the first account to install all my software. I did not add Comodo Firewall untill I had all my important software installed. It seems to be working fine, although I haven’t really pushed things. I ran some IE7 and Outlook.

Next I when to the second account that had never been logged into. I get a “Commodo is not turned on,” warning from the system tray, but it disapears once the Comodo splash screen comes up. I begain to adjust my desktop settings for better readability (I’ve been around computers in school or work since the '70’s, so a little extra icon and font size helps.) Whenever, I go to Start and click control panel, the computer Blue Screens and crashes.

My setup in both accounts is the same. Spyware Doctor is set to kernal compatibility mode. Spyware monitoring, and detecting unwanted apps is turned OFF for my antivirus monitor although detecting unsafe apps is on. I’m having no problems so far in my first account. I need the second account so I can eventually switch it to a “Limited Account” and use it for my regular work while gaining some extra security.

Here is a list of information the Forum requests:

Comodo Firewall Pro Version: 2.418.184
COMODO Certified Aplications Database Version: 3.0

Cable internet connection direct to modem. No router currently.

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (and all updates)

Logged in on account with administrator privileges.

Antivirus: NOD3. Antispyware: Spyware Doctor (set to kernal compatibility mode to avoid conficts)

No security applications where installed before or after Comodo firewall. This was a fresh partition build. I installed all my applications up to this point using the built in Windows firewall. Then I installed Comodo to take its place.

I had not launch any applications yet when this problem occured.

I have NOT created any custom rules for Comodo.