Blue screen 4 times since cleaned registry and privacy

On my company computer, got the Blue Screen 4 times since installed and ran registry and privacy cleaner. Installed only 15 hours ago. Here is what happened. I ran the registry cleaner and all seemed ok. Didn’t reboot yet. Then during execution of privacy cleaner cleanup, the screen icons disappeared and machine sat there dead in the water. I shut down and rebooted. All looked ok, but now Blue Screen comes up unexpectedly and machine reboots itself. What should I do to resolve?


   This must be a conflict with a software installed in your computer.
   Until we fix this problem, please go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers and delete the CFRMD.sys file. 
   After that, restart your computer and everything should be ok.

   However, in order to get to the bottom of your problem, please give us more details about your system: windows version, if it is a x32 or a x64 system, and if you have special software installed: antivirus, firewall, anti malware.

I am running an older version of XP Professional, and when I found this Comodo System Cleaner I was Excited. I ran the program and came up with a hugh number of corrections that needed to be done. When it came to the spot to reboot the system, I did like I was told. She rebooted okay and as it got to the spot where the desktop was being loaded, the system rebooted itself except when it went to load it start with a disk scan. Later as it loaded there was a message window telling me that system had suffered a major error and did I want to report it, I did! This happens any time I run CSC.

I also run AVG v9, Syntac PFW, and now no longer working Malwarebits. Not sure if you any of this other nfo will help but here it is (Gateway, Pen 3, 800mgz, 512 meg of Ram)

After installing installaing/running CSC (downloaded on 16th) I too have had numerous BSODs - mainly STOP 8E, with no module implicated, but last was a STOP D5 indicating CFRMD.sys. All happened after a while, for no obvious reason, but output to screen was wrong (lacking words…) for a while beforehand.

After finding this post I have removed CFRMD.sys, CSC and also CIS after having CPU problems with it - see my post in How to remove CSC thread.

My system: Dell, Pentium D dual core, 32 bit, Windows XP/SP3 Professional, Avast 4.8 Home edition anti-virus, much other software

I haven’t deleted the dumps yet if they are wanted…


You would greatly help us if you could tell us what software applications are you using, security software in particular like antispyware, antivirus, firewall. Maybe you can post us a screenshot from Add/Remove Programs.

Thank you for your support.

PM sent

Win7 x64 blue screened two times so far. Thing I noticed before the crash was a massive memory leak; task manager reported 98% memory usage without any applications running. Only other security software running on the system is comodo internet security and acronis true image home 2009.
After uninstalling CSC everything is back to normal.


I also had the same problem with the cleaner. I got the BSOD on several occasions and did not know what the problem was. I am using Avast 5.0 anti-virus and Comodo Firewall. It seemed that the problems started when I tried to update both my video and network drivers. I started getting the BSOD shortly after that. I thought that some bug must have somehow gotten into my computer, as the screen kept freezing, all my icons would dissappear and I would get the BSOD. Also, any program that I tried to run like Spybot, Avast anti-virus or Malwarebytes would all crash about 15 minutes into their scans. It was only after a few tries that Avast was able to tell me that it thought that there was a virus called CFRMD.exe. I think I was able to remove it by quaranteeing it, and the problem seemed to go away. It is only by reading this forum that I see that it was probably Comodo system cleaner that caused me a lot of grief. I have removed it from my computer and all is now well. I forgot to mention that prior to all this happening, I also had very high memory consumption. It would spike every few seconds at 98-100% for no apparent reason, as nothing other than CIS Firewall and Avast were running and normally would not cause any problems. I have a 3.2gh Pentium 4 with Windows XP SP3 and have never had this bad a problem with it.
Hope this helps someone figure out their own problems.


Can you please provide us with a list of your most commonly used applications? We are trying to find out what is the source of all BSODs. Most probably, there is a driver conflict and it’s very important for us to find out where is the problem in our application.

Thank you for your support.


I use on occasion most of the following:

Avast Free anti-virus 5.0
Comodo Internet Security
Google Chrome
Google Earth
Intel Pro Network Connection driver (which I think started the problems)
Limewire 5.3.6
Macromedia Flash player 8
Firefox 3.6
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0
NVidia driver
Open office 3.1
Picassa 3

Hope this helps.

Hi all,

Had the same issue for the past few days since runing COMODO System Cleaner after build of a new PC.

GA-EP35-DS3, E5300, 4Gb DDR2-800, DVD, HDD, GTS250-1Gb, XP PRo SP3.

Used a program called BlueScreenView to identify cause of repeated BSOD’s.

File ‘cfrmd.sys’ was identified in all the crashes and I have uninstalled COMODO System Cleaner, and checked that the file cfrmd.sys is no longer in System32 folder.

PC is back to normal with all programs running and no display lockups.

One of the BlueScreenView DMP file records;

Mini012710-02.dmp 27/01/2010 6:57:30 AM

KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED - 0x1000008e - 0xc0000005 - 0x804ef190 - 0xb413cbb8 - 0x00000000 - cfrmd.sys - cfrmd.sys+b010 - 32-bit - C:\WINDOWS\minidump\Mini012710-02.dmp - 2 – 15 - 2600

Hope that this helps.

Regards, KH

Does updating to the latest version bring any solace?

I’m sorry but in my case, I have completely removed the program. I don’t want any more hassles. :-[

I believe this CFRMD.sys is also my problem. My icons disappeared, my user profile no longer has privileges to even shut down the computer, and I get an invalid path or missing file error whenever I try to run an executable.

I discovered CFRMD.sys was hooked and then found this forum describing similar phenomenon, but mine started here and got worse. I’ve deleted CFRMD.sys but the system remains locked down.

I had just added CSC and Comodo AV. I had been using AVG, but uninstalled it. I have been using the Comodo personal firewall for years.

Have you learned more about this issue and how to repair it?

What do you mean with locked down exactly? When did you install the CIS with the AV component?

I had a similar problem after unistalling some software , I ve noticed that comodo can remove key items to software startup menu when cleaning even in safe mode and who can check each software upon reboot after every wipe (you better cause some links may be broken >:-D) , I believe when it fiinds duplicates in the startup ini it may delete the one being used by the PC upon boot then you stop with the BSOD because its not finding the next file in load it may be there just not where it was supposed to be.
Hey I tried and tried to reinstall and things only got worse use at your own Risk, hey if you can read software like a programer you may be ok but us regular folks are pretty lost.
And using that online service to repair links can take a while to find alll the lost files.
I think I’ll go back to CC and leave this stuff alone for now. besides it takes me hours to wipe my drive and reinstall all that software updates, funny thing most back ups are worthless if you wipe your drive.