Blood pressure is high since using version 3 of Comodo

I am very frustrated with Comodo It is preventing me from using any of my 3 web browsers to access a website that uses a non standard port number. I must of spent 30 mins trying to find out where the heck I modify or remove this restriction so that I can get things back to normal. Oh by the way Comodo did not notify me at all of this blocking that it did on IE7, Firefox or Opera!

What OS are you running? Are you using an antivirus or other proxy like Avast! Take a look at the firewall/advanced/network security policy for your browsers. If you have them set to “Web Browser”, there should be a “block and log” at the end of the rule set that causes logging of the block/tcp/out message. To look at the log, go to common tasks/view firewall events. Logging is used to keep users from being inundated with popups for simple issues. As far as fixing the problem, you can go to “my port sets” and add your non-standard ports to the list there. An alternative that you probably need to do anyway is to fix the “Allow Outgoing FTP” rule for “Web Browsers” under “Predefined Firewall Policies”-choose edit, and change the destination port from 21 to any. Let us know your progress.

Thanks for the help. I am using Vista in this case and had found the log entries before my post but had no way of know which rule was doing the restriction since clicking on the log entry did nothing. Thought it might of brought me to the actual rule that was being applied.

Got it working now.

if you selected to use predefined “web-browser” policy - that blocks non-standart ports. if you do know what exactly you are doing - then you can add needed rules manually.