blocks Windows Update? [Resolved]

Trying to connect to WinXP Update an error pops up (0x8024402C)

it says it’s a firewall problem and the WinUpdate URL needs to be added to the exception list - where is the list in comodo? - I cant find it…

Hi Tropical OZ. A blocked svchost.exe is most likely the cause. Remove any App Mon rules on this important Windows process and retry or restart your browser.

Thank you for the tip!

I had one blocked svchost.exe entry there and removed that one - reconnecting to Winupdate then brought up the usual ‘request for permission’ and all is well now :■■■■
no idea how that could have happened?


Hmm…it usually happens when you deny an alert knowingly or not. I never receive alerts for this process because I have the default Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO option enabled. (don’t you just love the longest-named option ever?;D)

I’ll edit this topic as resolved and lock it. If you ever need us to unlock it, just pm a mod or admin :wink: