Blocking causes no pages to display

Toshiba L455-S5008 Feb, 2010
Windows 7x64; last updated May, 2010 (discontinued updating and all MS security)
Firefox 3.6.4 or MS IE8
AVG AntiVirus 9.0.830
no other security programs running on computer

Comodo Free Firewall 4.1.150349.920

My Blocked Network Zones
A New Blocked Address
A Host name (or

After an interval that is anywhere from a few seconds to hours, browsers are unable to display web pages (standard message that web page is unavailable or cannot be displayed)

Same thing happens when I use Network Security Policy, My Network Zones, Global Rules to block Microsoft.

Any assistance is welcome. Please include detailed instructions if you know how I can block all contact with Microsoft websites but still allow me to see all other web pages.

I asked this question in a Microsoft forum and received this answer:

“Since is a secured website and it uses the secured ports to communicate with the Internet, if you block the Microsoft website it blocks these ports as well. Check if the ports are blocked in the Comodo firewall. You may contact the Comodo support about how to block this website with the ports still opened.”

I tried to reproduce the problem as it has happened before.

Initially I could reproduce that it would block other sites. But shortly after that it didn’t block anymore.

Thank you. Appreciate your assistance. Please notify me if you have more information. Thank you. -Jay-