Blocking World of Warcraft

Can somebody teach me ??? how to block world of warcraft in a network of 20 computers preventing any PC’s or Mac from connecting to the game server using Comodo. Any response will be greatly appreciated, thanks in Advance. ;D

So; Your trying to block
Computer A with Software A connecting to Computer B with Software A
Computer C with Software A connecting to Computer B with Software A?

Or are you trying to block Computer A/B/C from Installing Software A?

I don’t really understand…

I would like to create a firewall policy or rule :P0l that would prevent anybody in the network from connecting world of warcraft when they try to play the game. How can I achieve this using comodo? Thanks :slight_smile: for the reply jacob!

can you describe how you have your network configured, for example, the connection type, which PCs CIS is installed on etc.

The connection is: the modem is plugged in to the onboard Lan ( of the Server which is a pc then a second Lan of the same machine ( is connected to a switch which has 15 computers and a wifi access point.

What I would like to achieve is to install comodo on the server pc with a firewall policy or rule that would prevent anybody from the 15 computers from playing World of Warcraft. Thanks for the reply guys! appreciate it much!

Can anybody help please? ???

So, the server has two network cards, one to the modem and one to the switch? Which operating system is the server running?

In theory you could simply create rules that block the ports used by WoW, Which I believe are:

TCP - Out

UDP - Out

However, simply blocking these ports with out specifying a particular process, will block the ports for all processes. That may, or may not, cause issues.

I assume the PC’s need access to the Internet, just not WoW?

Yes the server has two Lans one is a card and the other is just the built in Lan on the motherboard. The server runs on windows xp.

Yes the computers need access to the internet, I would just like to block WoW thats it.
So how can I define those processes? Thanks a lot man!

I’m guessing the actual game files are on the individual PC’s and not the server? If so, the only thing you can do at the server, is create some Global rules to block the protocols and ports listed above. If the game files are on the server, I think you could just block wow.exe.

Ok I will create a global rule or policy about those ports listed and will try to to block wow.exe as well and see if it works! Thanks a bunch! Will post the update on this one pretty soon! ;D