Blocking with Version 6.3 doesn't work too well

First I have to say that I’m no ace with this stuff. So please don’t tell me - you should check port number value xy etc… I know nothing about that. I simply tried the following:

Since I’m using only Firefox and some programs still try going online opening Internet Explorer which I don’t like, I tried to block IE. Did this by clicking on that button for picking apps to block and then clicked on the IE.exe and all other .exe files in that folder. Won’t work. IE is still going online and opening webpages.

Plus I have the feeling in general that the simple blocking routine just like that - without fiddling with any advanced settings, numbers etc. - isn’t working very reliable…

What button are you referring to? Can you post a screenshot?

Was away for a couple of days…

Here is the button. (Uhm - is there any other button fitting the description ‘button for picking apps to block’?)

Sorry for the late reply. Can you check if IE is showing up in Application Rules?

Just checking the obvious - you didn’t actually select a file named “ie.exe” did you? I think the name of the main executable for IE in all versions of Windows is “iexplore.exe”. A quick search thru my ol’ WinXP box here shows 8 files with that name. A couple seem likely to be one that’s run by defualt:
c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

There’s several others in what I guess are patch/update related folders. You’d wanna make sure you blocked the right one.

Also, I’m just learning Comodo 6 - there might be some “auto-allow connections for Trusted Executables” rule or “Trust Other People’s Opinions From Comodo Safe Cloud Database ™”. I’m more of a turn-everything-off-and-turn-them-back-on-one-by-one-if-it-breaks kinda guy and haven’t really looked into the cloudy group-opinion features that I think Comodo has. I’ll bet they’re a great feature for lots of ppl though and think it’s a great idea that results in a lot of protection for a lotta ppl though!

Most recently, I started building a Win8.1 box and in the “Add/Remove Windows Features” I un-checked IE to remove it. I’m sure that’s going to break lots of things and I’m curious what they’ll be :slight_smile:

Also, if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows ( at least Windows 8 ) then you’ll have two versions of Internet Explorer, a 64-bit version that is located in C:\Program Files\ and a 32-bit version located in C:\Program Files (x86)\ make sure you block both of these.