Blocking Windows Subcomponents

In version 2 of Comodo, it was a simple matter to block Windows Subcomponents (DLLs) as there was an entire tab dedicated to this task. How is subcomponent blocking done in Version 3?

Also, is there still a method to block all outgoing connections during Windows bootup?


CFP 3 will only block .exe files, but if you want alerts for DLLs (you’ll get A LOT), go to Defense+>Advanced->Image Execution Control Settings->Files To Check, then Add->Browse… and type *.dll, then click the + and Apply.

Don’t think so. Might be some, but I can’t think of any.


unplugging network while booting?..

Lol, that’s one way, except it’s really annoying to do it everytime you boot your computer :smiley:

Thanks for the kinds replies.