Blocking windows sidebar

I want to block windows sidebar from accessing internet. In 64 bit windows it has executables in “Program files” and “Program files (x86)”. Should I block both?

This is usually the first thing I disable in windows, however I diable it within the windows OS. If you are wanting to keep the application running, but disallow internet connectivity, I would first make an application rule for the main application (blocking its ability to access the internet), then after a restart, monitor its activity using killswitch to see if the x86 version steps in and tries to connect. If so, I would say make an application rule for it also, restart and recheck.

I have blocked both-64 bit and 32 bit executables of windows sidebar, but gadget I’m talking about is a third party gadget which doesn’t have its own executable in. I’m using it for just CPU & RAM monitoring. It has “donate” button on it and when I press that, it opens my browser with authors PayPal page. So, does this mean CF isn’t blocking it?

I see, It’s a 3rd party app with no exe. Hmmm, If you run this application, does it appear in the windows process tree or comodo Killswitch? If it does appear, then you should be able to make an application rule for it by clicking the chevron in the application rules interface, clicking add, clicking browse, and choosing it from running processes.

No that’s not what it means (Although it may still not be blocking, worldwidewiretap will have to help you on that one since I don’t really know how the windows gadgets stuff works) However when you click the “Donate” button it instructs your computer to open the default browser (or perhaps a specified browser) at that page, meaning it’s your browser that connects to the internet and not the gadget.

To test if the block is working then you need to try a gadget that connects to the internet directly, like a news gadget or something, although to be honest it was quite a while since I even saw the Windows sidebar I don’t really remember how it works, I always disabled it whenever it showed.

If you want to stop the gadget from opening the web browser at that page then you need to involve HIPS.

I see Sanya, I wasn’t sure before it was a 3rd party. Maybe a custom HIPS rule could be made for the running process.

Well I don’t know how it works with Windows Sidebar, generally you have to block the relevant process from a) Running the web browser and b) Block them from accessing a protected Com Interface (path of web browser)

Well it appears as windows sidebar in task manager and System explorer process tree (I’d like to not to install additional program only for this matter), it doesn’t have its own name as a separate process. I never created Hips rule before, have been trying now but I don’t see there “Running the web browser” rule, I have blocked “Protected COM Interfaces” but it opens browser page anyway.

I have set rule-“Isolated Application” in HIPS and now it can’t open browser, I think this solves problem, just hope this rule won’t break gadget functionality.

Using HIPS in the way I’m talking about is kind of advanced and not as simple as pressing a button or such, honestly if you don’t absolutely need to block this then I’d say to just skip it.

If you really want to do it though, then you can follow this video, watch all of it once before you start messing with the settings though, so you see what you need to do.

… Or you can do that… However as you say it may break other functionality.

Ok, thanks for your help.

Great instructional vid Sanya, props! Hopefully this gets White straightend out. It enlightend me a few things anyway.