Blocking windows domain installs e.g. Trend Internet Security


I only recently read about Comodo and just had to try it. I’m very happy with the performance but I
have a problem. We run Trend Internet Security using what I think is the web administrated version. This slows my Laptop down to a crawl if I connect to the network as well as creating problems when I repeatedly change my IP for work purposes (:AGY). I uninstalled trend using a hack I found on the web :BNC but now each time I boot up when connected to the network I have to manually kill the trend install. (:AGY) This wasn’t the case with previous firewalls I used and I’m thinking it’s an operator problem. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue. I looked at the activity logs but it only displays system so I think the install comes via windows. I need to access shares and proxy servers on the network so I cannot kill the windows networking stuff completely

Thanks :■■■■