blocking whole folders from accessing the internet

I am new to Comodo and am only using the firewall. I can block individual files but I don’t see an option other than “groups” that will block more than one file in a folder. I don’t see an option to let me name a specific folder. If this can be done, how?


The only way to do this is by adding a folder to Protected File and Folders group.

With defence+ you can set up a rule with a wildcard. e.g. c:\folder name* to block every program in this folder.

This may work with the firewall, but I have not tried. Create a rule in network security policy and set it to blocked.

The only way to do this is by adding a folder to Protected File and Folders group.

Eric your solution seems the simplest. Can you tell me in detail how to add a folder to the “Protected files and folders group”?

What I have been using is “Define a New Blocked Application” I tried selecting “File Groups → Important Files and Folders” but it still will only let me select a file! :frowning:
Can you please explain step by step?

Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Protected Files and Folders → Groups.

Now add a group. First make a name for the group say My Protected Choice. Then Select My Protected Choice and add the desired folder.

Now you can use the group when making rules.

Do you want to block it from accessing the web?

Yes, as I don’t know which file might contact the web, I want to remove any possibility.

Also, I, got an alert, and chose to block a program that was trying to contact the web and now it won’t finish booting up! how do I undo my action?

Read Define a New Blocked Application.

To remove a rule go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules and remove or edit the rule for the program at hand. When you can’t boot let your computer boot to Safe Mode, start CIS and do as I described.

Thanks, Eric! That fixes everything the way I want it now.
Paul :BNC

Can someone confirm if I can block everything in a program folder including any sub-folders from accessing the internet by using the following?

In firewall under “network security policy”, “application rules”
use a predefined policy, select “blocked application”
under “application path” select “c:\program files\xxyyzz*”

Appreciate your help.

UPDATE: I’ve just tried it & seems to work. I blocked a whole folder & tried to get the app to update. It could not get updates. Next I changed from “blocked” to “trusted app” & it could get updates. So I guess it works.