Blocking websites - sequel

Hello again Soya!
I followed your instructions and managed to create another entry in Network Control Rules, and moved it up the listings.
I have to report that as soon as I enter the PC Advisor site, the dratted tab appears on the Taskbar again!
Your further comments would be appreciated. I’m sure this a harmless intrusion but I would love to able to stop it. is a site I intentionally blocked in my Opera url filter list. Why? Because it’s an advertising site. I’m not exactly clear on what you mean by the tab appearing in the Taskbar. Would you please upload a screenshot?

Hi Soya. I’m glad to hear that you can block this mediaplex thing. I’ve just gone into PC Advisor site again and immediately a tab opens showing the Firefox icon with http://img.m
I can do a Printscreen but I don’t know how to attach it to this reply. I’ll try.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ll have to open the doc on another computer that can correctly render the graphics later. At this point I think you mean it’s basically a webpage popup? I know how to block it in Opera, but not Firefox because I don’t have it. If you have the Adblock extension I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Does the tab appear as blank or does the entire content appear? Again, will look into this later…

As for how to upload printscreen’s: Important - Please read before posting

Yep. I was right. Now that I’ve seen the pic it’s basically a pop-up site. You’ll have to manually block it somehow like with Firefox.

OK Soya.
I thought that this was the kind of thing which Comodo Firewall was supposed to do, but I’ll try elsewhere as you suggest.
Many thanks for your help.

astra, i use host files from and edexter (tiny http server) for problems like yours. the site giving you trouble is listed, plus about a thousands more like it. your computer will load much faster with these two utilities. mine does. darth

Comodo Firewall technically can block the site, but not necessarily the page from popping up. It certainly isn’t practically designed for this because if you have too many pop-ups you want to block, you’ll have to create a blocking rule for each.

A host file is the most basic method to block (ad) sites, but I don’t recommend it as there’s also a controversy over whether it slows down internet browsing etc. That’s why it’s best to leave it up to your broswer. With my Opera filter list, the site doesn’t even load. Then it gets trickier: sometimes you may think you’ve blocked a certain url, but that pop-up may be loading other url’s, so you may have to block more than meets the eye. Furthmore, when you tried with CFP, how did you block this site - by IP or url address?

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using a host file by its self will indeed slow your computer, i find. however by using edexter or homer in conjuction with the host files speeds it up here. when a web site calls for , edexter checks the host files and basically says i got it.

Thank you Darth and Soya for your patient, helpful comments. You’ve given me lots to think about so I’ll go away now and try to continue climbing up the learning curve!
Many thanks.

regarding the hosts-file:

If you have a huge hosts-file to block adserver and such it is recommended to disable the DNS Service in windows to speed things up. Unless you need it for some reason of course.

Thanks LuckyS. I have to admit that that this Hosts files business is a great unknown! I would need to read it up somewhere together with disabling the DNS Service. I can’t expect to be spoon fed here though(?)

It even got a button to disable the DNS Service ^.^

Good heavens! What a marvellous fellow you are!
I shall enjoy mugging up on another bit of computer technology.
Many, many thanks.


You’re welcome. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

astra, when you get a chance, check out “” and " " (edexter). a lot of useful info on this subject. darth