Blocking websites not working

Hello. I’m having a serious issue with blocking a group of websites. I have created a network zone that contains a list of host names; the name of this zone is “blocked websites”. Then I went into global rules and created a rule which contains the following:

Block IP, In/out,
source: network zone>blocked websites
destination: network zone>Home (this is the zone COMODO creates when you answer yes, to “trust this connection?”)
IP details: any

I place this all the way at the top of the list and yet, I’m still able to connect to those sites. There is also another rule that I created and for some reason it blocks every single website, instead of only blocking the sites within the network zone.

Please help me, when I post on these forums no one ever helps me or they take almost a whole year to post a reply

Am I correct when I assume you’re behind a router and NAT? In that case when the website (source) sends you the webpage, the destination address won’t be Home since home is most likely private IP addresses and the webpage will send the webpage to your public IP. What you could try instead of having destination IP is to make a destination MAC and make it the MAC address of your NIC.

Yes, you are correct; I am using a router and my NAT is set to secured, but I have my PC is under a DMZ server.

I tried what you suggested and it didn’t work (If the by “NIC” you mean “physical address” of my wifi card,I found it in the network connection details window), for some reason I was unable to connect to any websites once again. I’ve also tried adding the network zone to the blocked network zones, but that does not work.

I don’t really understand how the host thing works in CIS, but shouldn’t it work just like the hosts file? I can make “block” the websites by using the Hosts file, but I rather have COMODO do it.

Thank you for responding by the way

I don’t really use the host thin in CFW and hence don’t know how to use it correctly, however I’ve seen time and time again mods and other users saying that CFW isn’t very good for this kind of filtering, whether they are right or wrong I don’t know but it could be something like that.
Have you tried reversing it so the websites are the destination instead?

Edit: I get it to work on my side by making a network zone, creating addresses inside it with the host names like “” and another one “” I then add that zone to the blocked zones, I then can’t access those sites but no other sites are affected.

Edit 2: When also using “http://” it no longer blocked it, same if I removed the TLD, so basically it’s domain-name and TLD.

Host name blocking has always been a bit problematic for Comodo’s firewall for some reason. Sometimes it blocks, sometimes it doesn’t.

The better method is to block by IP address instead of host name.

Perhaps something to be worked out in a future release? Would be nice if a feature worked correctly, otherwise what is the reason for it still being available? ???

Is there a simple and easy way to get all the IP addresses of a website? Also this must be a pain if the websites use dynamic IP addresses. :-\

It has been reported as a bug.

Is there a simple and easy way to get all the IP addresses of a website? Also this must be a pain if the websites use dynamic IP addresses. :-</blockquote>Dynamic is a problem in its self as is the fact that big sites like You Tube, Facebook etc will effectively use multiple IP addresses.

I have never seen CIS as a great tool to block big amounts of IP addresses or host names…

Yeah, it I’ve seen a lot of people asking for this as a feature for years, but it still doesn’t work, and I’m also having an issues with itunes now…I can put COMODO on training mode, and it still doesn’t work i don’t get it…I’m about to use another security solution, the firewall is difficult to use, even with the simple methods they provide, I add everything as an allowed ap, and it still doesn’t work

Thanks for the attempted help, but I’m very sure that none of the suggestions you guys make will be able to help me, it happens all the time with CIS

Does this post by Laserfan bring a solution with iTunes?