Blocking Upload

Hi guyz,

I don’t know if this is a right place 2 post this here, but I hope that sum1 will b able 2 help me out.

I have about 40+ users on my network, and 4 now I have blocked internet access 4 all of them, cuz I have sum critical data on the network that I can’t afford 2 be leaked out.

I’m looking 4 a way that I can BLOCK any kind of File upload via any web based email service ? Ex: hotmail, yahoo, gmail and any XYZ web based service ?

Or any other way that I can just block any upload to any site, and still give them access to use the internet ? Does this firewall do such thing ?

I hope sum gr8 mind will b able 2 help me out.

Thanx in advance n best regards,

I would like to know the answer to this also, so I can tell my workplace. The immediate supervisor is telling us that someone tried to download spybot and the computer got a virus. I believe it was because someone went to an exciting internet page which had entertainment news about OJ Simpson, since I had seen that opened when I went to the computer one day. After that nothing worked. But I think the repair company saw on the network that “I”, or “one of the users” tried to download spybot. I got the notice that only an administrator had permission to do that, so I clicked ok, and I do not see how that could have caused a virus since spybot didn’t even come close to opening. I had gotten the download page from Google. I can’t believe there was a virus in either of the pages I entered.

My workplace doesn’t know anything about computers, the company they hire doesn’t tell us anything about what to do, the immediate supervisor is about to cut us off if we do anything “wrong” again because we were given a new Compact computer desktop (probably set them back about $400. or less. It is a big hotel chain. We don’t even get paid what we are worth.

So knowing the answer to this question posed “Blocking Upload” might be of some interest. Also why didn’t the hotel chain have a decent anti virus program that worked for us users, that we could quarantine the virus?

Well in ur case i think blocking download would do alot more than blocking upload. Or mayb u’re just looking 4 an answer 2 an interesting solution.

If u’re looking 2 block download, then there r zillionz of programmes that can do this 4 u. Just land @ download dot com and search, or search on yahoo and u’ll find alot of stuff that’ll intrest u.

If u by any chance find a solution 2 blocking upload, plzzz do let me know az well. I’m yet 2 find a solution.