Blocking sub program attempting to use browser blocks parent browser from access

OK I did a search and found this to be a common problem but with no fix(?)

For example a screensaver of mine attempted to call out via my main browser. I get the alert. I deny the screensaver access, the firewall instead blocks the browser from accessing the internet all together! Essentially this is like hacking off the foot for an ingrown toenail.

Any fixes for this?


Welcome to the forum, SafetyFirst.

CFP actually blocks both the parent and the child executable. This is a security measure and part of its anti-leak protection. You have to restart the child executable, like in this case is your browser. Sometimes a reboot maybe necessary to clear memory.

OK thanks. Came over from Sygate and I am still getting accustomed to the COMODO. Even more of a challenge due to Firefox extension updates ;D . Seems like a great firewall though.

You haven’t seen anything yet…wait for version 3, currently in Alpha stage… :slight_smile: I’ll be a whole new learning experience for me because I haven’t tested it yet (no spare testing computer).

Hey, SafetyFirst, for an application with the recurrent-connection issue, you may find it helpful to create a permanent Block rule for it in the Application Monitor. This is something I have done with good results.

Use the popup alert you get as an example, and build the Block rule to reflect that (application/parent relationship, etc).

If you need help with that, just let us know.