Blocking sites by Domain Name [Resolved]

Is there a way to block a website by Domain name rather than IP address?

I’ll explain myself more. For instance, I subscribe to ITAuthority newsletter based in Austrailia and one of their ad sponsors is the dubious I’ve searched ARIN and WHOIS but they all turn up saying that what I gave isn’t a valid address. If you type in that address in your browser, you’ll get a blank page. However, I have proof that the site exists.

I do use PeerGuardian to ease the blocking process but the site won’t load at all until I turn off http filtering for that site. I’d hate to dump the newspaper as I do get valuable info from that site. I just hate ads that follow me all where I go on the net without my explicit permission and their cookies do more than just follow you. I’d like a way to permanently block them like how some firewalls allow you to block by domain name since I can’t find the matching IP address of the parent site.

Thanks for any help, it’s much appreciated.

Nevermind, after revisiting Comoda Firewall under network rules, I found out where you can put in the domain name. Guess I can say that I solved my own headache. (V)

Great work, emmjay! (:CLP) I’ll mark this resolved and lock it for others to view.