Blocking Sidebar Wireless Gadget

I installed Comodo Firewall. I have been pleased so far, apart from it blocks my wireless gadget on my sidebar; check attatchment.

I have allowed “sidebar.exe” under the trusted programs, but that didnt work.

Please help. Normally it displays the network name, wireless strength, and network IP.

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I am suffering from this exact same problem!

After hunting around for information on this topic, I discovered that CFP creates a second Wireless interface on the system, which shows up if you run “ntsh wlan show interface” at a command prompt ( see attached)

It shows up as the first entry, with the description reading as the name of your wireless interface, followed by “Comodo Firewall Miniport”.

It looks like all wireless sidebar gadgets attempt to retrieve information about your wireless client from this entry, which reports “not ready” as its state, rather than “connected”, and all the further information that is present in the second entry.

Does anybody know if there is a way we can either prevent the presence of this interface, or, as I suspect that is not possible, some other potential workaround?



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I guess you should post a bugreport after searching the bugreport board.

I’m having the same problem. The attached link is the gadget I’m using. Read the comments people are making. I’m hoping Vista service pack 1 will fix the problem.

This problems seems not to be a comodo problem; other firewalls affected too. The solution for me was the Hotfix kb932030 for vista.
After installing this fix all gadgets work well and also my acer enet.