Blocking Router to Laptop

My firewall, Comodo, has started blocking system application and the Source IP it is blocking is my router and the destination IP is my laptop. It has blocked over 300 instances today. Is this normal or am I looking at something wrong here? Chuck

Most likely Broadcast and/or Multicast traffic something like IGMP, UPnP, SSDP, etc you should be fine.

Thanks but should I remove this from blocking or leave it as is. Is this a potential security issue if I unblock it. Chuck

Depends, post a log of the traffic.

Hello chuckbear2015,

It would be highly appreciated if you share the system logs with us to investigate pls.

Please kindly send me a PM,

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I would be happy to PM you the log but I can not find any way to attach a file. Comodo saves the log as an HTML file. Chuck

The forum doesn’t support attachments via PM, what you could do is upload it to a service like DropBox, Mega, OneDrive etc and then share the link to it with BuketB via PM.

Well, I don’t have one of those services. So does that mean I can’t be helped? Chuck

You can add the saved log file to a zip folder and attach it that way. But if you want to keep system blocked but not have the log filled with blocked events you can disable logging by un-checking log as firewall event if this rule is fired for the block rule. What is your applications rules for “Windows System Applications” or “System” if system has its own rules?

Sorry but I see no way to attach a zip file. If you can explain how to do that it would be helpful. System is set to, block and log IP in from mac any to mac any where protocol is any. This is repeated twice. Hope this helps. Chuck

Hi chuckbear2015,
As Sanya pointed out previously, ■■■ do not support attachments.
If you are comfortable attaching the file to a Forum post, in the reply screen click ‘Additional Options’ then click ‘choose file’. (See screenshot)

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I did find the attach file in the reply. I can do that if it will allow attachment of a zip file with the HTML file in it. Is there any reason why attaching this file might be a security risk? Many thanks. Chuck

Attached is my Firewall Configuration file. Chuck

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Sorry Dis but what you posted makes no sense to me since much of it appears to be in Russian or something and the screenshot does not look like anything in my Comodo. Chuck

Hello chuckbear2015,

Thank you very much for the information. We will take care of it .

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Thanks all. Fixed and appreiated. Chuck