Ive used comodo for a long time, love it, i have not long ago tho accidently blocked a system file, due being paranoid over not knowing what it was. ill explain to make it less confusing.
I play an online game that uses a secondary launch program against cheats, Gameguard I think its called, and this program access’s this file I have blocked, and while blocked I simply cant play, it makes the game crash and the pc reboot, I have searched through topics about “how to unblock” and havnt really found anything, I have looked in these security settings and so on and cant find neither the game nor the file on the lists anywhere, I admit I am a complete bonehead when it comes to such stuff, I hope any of you can pehaps describe in an easy way how to fix this.

thanks ahead.

Hi & welcome. You’ve probably created a rule in the application monitor (see the attached image). Look there to see if you can find it.

If you by any chance actually use CFP 3.0 (latest version) and not the 2.4 version we discuss here, please tell. :wink:


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Oh im sorry, I had no clue where to post I use 3.0 Firewall Pro, if that is any help

Ah, then ignore my previous post. :wink:

I’ll move this topic to v 3.0 section. Soya already did that. Now we’re in the proper section.


OK MrJomes, I have a feeling that you’ve blocked something with Defense+.

Go to Defense+ tab => Advanced tab => Computer Security Policy. There’s a list of all program rules, and you should look for the .exe you have problems with. If you find it, remove the rule and CFP will relearn - CFP will ask you again and then you can choose to allow instead of block.


thank you for your help there, but apparently I seem to have read through countless of posts on the games forum an it seems that the anti cheat program is simply just not friends with Comodo, one of your guys explained that they “attack” eachother causing the pc to shut down, so no more gaming for me, I refuse to throw comodo away just for that, I have tried all the solutions they have had and none worked. So, once more thank you.

keep it up :slight_smile:

“edit” I will just post what he said :slight_smile:

QUOTE FROM egemen (Comodo Staff)

GameGuard tries to disable CFP’s Defense+ and CFP tries to counterattack. During this fight, if you have another security software installed(For example AVAST!), unexpected BSODs happen. We will be fixing these BSODs with the next update(in a couple of days).

However to be able to play the games, you must permanently disable Defense+ otherwise it wont let any rootkit to disable its protection(i.e. it will activate its self defense).

Ah, the quote from egemen explains it all. I was just about to recommend you to temporarily disable Defense+, then I read what you posted.

If you are certain that you can trust all your apps, maybe it’s “OK” to turn off D+ while you play games. Just don’t forget to enable it again. :slight_smile: