Blocking program access to internet

I have Firefox and Thunderbir installed
I also have Comodo Firewall Pro version

I also have Internet Explorer and Outlook express
I want to block both of these from accessing the internet
using comodo firewall, Have tried and cannot get it to worrk

Your help would be appreciated. forgot to mention I have Windows xp
sp2 home edition

Hi mollydog and welcome to the forum (:WAV)

To block IE, click on the CFP icon on the taskbar click; application monitor/iexplorer.exe/edit under general tab/action change to block, then click ok, this will block internet access.

Repeat above for outlook exp.

If when initialy click on application monitor and iexplore.exe and outlook exp are not there then, click security/tasks/scan for known applications, reboot then they should be there.

When u have done this, double check by clicking on IE and the web page shouldn’t load.

Hope this helps and if not then someone more technical than me can come in.

Thanks Novie

That works fine, thanks for your help
To anyone else doing this, Outlook Express will still open up
but you cannot send or receive email
IE simply ssays “page cannot be found”