Blocking outgoing traffic to a site

I’m new to Comodo, installed it yesterday, after having used ZoneAlarm for some 6 years.
I want to exclude traffic to a couple of web sites, like and other add-sites. I just can’t seem to be able to create the rule.
I created one which blocks outgoing TCP-UDP from my Zone (=Network adapter) to host http://* (I attached screen shot) and moved it up to be rule #0.

Still, when I try the URL in my browser, the site comes up, it is not blocked. What am I doing wrong here.

BTW, so far I am very happy with the product!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Solved it myself: the rule-interpreter obviously cannot handle the ‘http://*.’ syntax. I removed all this, leaving ‘’ and it worked just fine.

Thanxs for the tip, I needed something like that right now.

Is there any “how to” for this manipulation (the jpg file does not show) ? I’m very interested but I’m not sure to have understand.