Blocking outbound requests

Well, I uninstalled Comodo a few days ago to install Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2014 - somewhat of a mistake. Their tech support leaves a lot to be desired.

I disabled their firewall and put Comodo back in today and while I love the features and look (little confusing, but I’ll get used to it), I’m having problems setting it up so that it learns what I want it to do in regards to outbound requests, ie, any application update requests and installs, etc.

I went to Firewall settings, unchecked “create rules for safe applications”
Enabled firewall with “custom ruleset” in the drop down menu.

Everything else looks very confusing, so, could anyone kindly help me out here.

Btw, I’m quite impressed with the Dragon browser, I just may ditch it for Firefox soon enough.

Please also make sure to disable Do not show popup alerts to get alerted.