blocking localhost domains from hosts file

Hi all,

I have strange situation with version

If connected to my ethernet, all domains from hosts file in Windows XP work OK. But when unplug my network cable, those domains are not resolved at all. How can I enable localhost traffic for domains listed in hosts file? What is the right setting? I set firewall to show all warnings, but nothing showed and the request had been blocked

tia, m.


the only obvious switch is in advanced prog analysis - recursive dns.

if that dont help try remove svchost.exe from app monitor, might then services.exe

dont forget to redo settings arent fault.

you might try and report for further help.


Sorry for the stupid question, but if you disconnect your network cable, what do you need DNS for? The DNS is usually resolved by a DNS server online somewhere. If you are not connected, then the DNS server is not available. Likewise, if you are not connected, DNS will not connect you. Or am I missing some vital part of this???

Mike: disabling “Monitor DNS queries” helped, thanks a lot

AnotherOne: I am a webdeveloper, and I need to test webpages on my localhost using (almost) real domains; Internet (DNS server) is not necessary to do this - you may associate domains (URLs) to your localhost in hosts file and than configure name-based virtual hosts on you local http-server

how much danger disabling “Monitor DNS queries” may bring in your opinion?

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doesnt your webserver have a config file for sub-addresses?

well hostsfile, once intruded/ hacked, well …

try use advantages of your software options for sub/domain/urls (whatever it calls)

and hostsfile i would part step from step apart.


same for lmhosts, dhcp is nice since grue noticed mask is for might problems.

hope you understand, im sure one explains it easier :slight_smile: