Blocking IPs for P2P (Hypothetically speaking)

If I am to block incoming connections, from say, 7500 different IP ranges, how can Comodo work with this? Is it going to have insane RAM usage? Or Comodo was made in a way to properly work with such a setting?

I’m thinking of using Comodo instead of an IPFilter in ED2K/Torrents. :slight_smile:

You will need to create TWO rules for EACH ip or range that you want to block,
one for each direction, as explained in this FAQ-entry :
IP-blocking tutorial

The “normal” p2p-IP filter is 10MB when de-compressed …
since Comodo stores it’s rules in the windows-registry and because it’s a HUGE job
to make those rules manually I think it’s better to use a specialized tool like
PeerGuardian2 or ProtoWall/Blocklist Manager .

OK, thanks for the answer.