Blocking internet domains/addresses

I know option to block specific internet address (e.g. in current Comodo IS can be found under Firewall - Network security policy - Blocked zones but I’m not sure how many people know about this option.

It would be nice to have this option somewhere in main GUI, not hidden in settings. Maybe add new category in Firewall tab - Blocked domains/sites.

That way more people would know about this and can use this to block known phishing sites, adware…


Also, each address was blocked it should be recorded in the firewall events.

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Please be aware, that hostname based rules may not work as expected:;msg589524#msg589524

It works only as expected if a hostname points always to the same ip - which makes the possibility kind of useless.

This is one reason more to be on wish list, give us option and make it work ;D

I saw your original post the other night and it got me thinking about how blocked domains could be handled. I have suggested a way this kind of thing could be integrated into Comodo’s browser - Dragon.;msg605361#msg605361

Thanks for the inspiration. :-TU

Ewen :slight_smile:

why can’t comodo make cis say any ip that points to this domain name is blocked, instead of the current way where cis says any domain that points to this ip is blocked? then cis doesn’t have to do a lookup