Blocking groups of files with subdirectory inclusion

I note that Defense+ allows trusted files to be added by group, as in “Program Files\SafeApp*”.

It seems that no such feature exists in the firewall for blocking, making it apparently necessary to browse to something like “Program Files\BadApp” and add the files to the block list one at a time, rather than being able to add “Program Files\BadApp*”, as in the Defense+ component. Am I correct in this? Thanks for your time.

You can utilize File Groups the same way in the Network Security Policy (firewall) as you can in the Computer Security Policy (Defense+).

Edit: The wildcard method should also work, although I haven’t used it, so I can’t say for sure.

Perhaps there is something I’m not seeing. Selecting (Defining a new blocked application) → Select → (File groups) in the firewall seemingly gives no access to Program Files.

Also, I now have a serious problem. In experimenting with this I selected All Applications, at which point nothing could access the Internet. To correct this I went to (Define a new trusted application) drilled down as above, then pressed Apply. Does this mean everything can now get through? I certainly don’t want that!

I realize I’m being a bother, but if I can get Comodo to work properly at home I’ll arrange to get the commercial version installed on my office network. Between 12-15 licenses I believe. We’re trying to rip out NIS because it’s incompatible with so much that we run.

EDIT: I must say I was not impressed when Comodo did not warn me that I was about to block every single application on my PC from Internet access. There ought to be some kind of “are you sure” at that point. I can live with that UI fault – I would not call it a bug – as long as you can explain how to block . under Program Files/SomeApp. Thanks again for sharing your time & knowledge of the product.

You can select the file group you’ve created as I mentioned in my reply above, as well as another thread where you were asking if you could block groups of files, from either the Define a New Blocked Application, entry, as well as Firewall → Network Security Policy.

If you want to try the wildcard method, go to the Network Security Policy, and Add an .exe from the folder you’d like to block. After selecting the .exe and before clicking Apply, edit the file path to wildcard the folder. Something like, C:\Program Files\Blocked Apps*.

As for All Applications, yes, it sounds like you’ve given everything access to your internet connection. Not a problem to fix. Go to the Network Security Policy, right-click on the All Applications entry, and select Remove from the context menu.

Thanks tons. You people know your product (which I’m beginning to believe is the best of them all) and do a great job of supporting it. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the compliment, glad I could help. :slight_smile:

However, the forum moderators are not employees of Comodo. We are users just like yourself.