Blocking google earth.exe

Hi - I have tried to stop Comodo from listing Google earth as a suspicious file when I open it but it keeps doing it. I have gone to Defense+ and added it to my safe files but it doesn’t seem to stop this action. What am I doing wrong? This IS a safe file (as far as I know - everything seems unsafe out there anymore). Anyway, thanks for any help.

Have you scanned your Google Earth folder with other AV/Malware scanners?

I ask because CIS doesn’t complain when I open Google Earth.

At your suggestion, I scanned entire Google folder with Avast and Spybot. Nothing found in the entire folder for Avast or Spybot however, I must admit I stopped the Spybot scan as it looked like it was going to take at least 2-3 hours (which at that particular time I didn’t have 2-3 hours). I scanned about half the folder and stopped - nothing was found to that point. Do you recommend scanning the entire folder if nothing was found half way through? I will do so if you think it will matter. I noticed that the first half of the scan contained some *.exe files which didn’t show any issues. Anyway, I wish I could figure this out as I like Google earth - Thanks again.

It sounds like Spybot scanned the .exe files before you terminated it? If it didn’t find anything and neither did Avast, it’s probably clean.

You mentioned adding it to your safe list (which should have taken care of it…) but have you tried adding the .exe (I’m assuming that’s what CIS is flagging as suspicious?) to your exclusions list?

Thanks for reply. I think I must have some incorrect settings as now CIS is showing Firefox and Overdrive audio programs as suspicious which it never did before. Should I uninstall CIS? reinstall?