Blocking GOOD Mail for no apparent reason

Any ideas on this one. I couldn’t work out why I all of a sudden was getting very little mail through my second ISP account utilising Outlook. I used Webmail and sure enough 22 emails sitting on the server.

For some reason it had stopped 21 mails from eBay and 1 from Neither of these have been flagged by me to be stopped/blocked. As soon as I disabled Antispam it came flooding through.

Second issue I am having is that even though I have tried setting configuration to NOT delete emails they don’t always end up in the Quarantine Database. I have tried setting the setting for weeks hold but all to no avail.

… Phil

Not sure, but have you looked in Authentication Database and changed how you recieve the messages. Does the Quarantine Database come up when you have new mail so you can select how to register your emails for accepting and blocking?

Under Email accounts\Edit account\Advanced\Email Application; setting correct?

Hope this helps