Blocking folders

Hi all,

I’ve seen a couple of threads on this topic, but not one recently. I’m trying to block everything in a folder. I’ve figured out how to add folders to a file group, but can’t find a way to block the resulting file groups. Ideally I want to be able to stop everything in given folders, including things that aren’t .exe files, from internet access, both sending and receiving. Is that possible?

Thanks for helping a total n00b.

Are you trying to just block internet access or block the files from running?

Also what version of CIS are you using?

I’m just trying to block internet access both to and from. I’m sure it’s a pretty simple step I’m not figuring out. I figured out how to add folders to a file group, but don’t know how to apply any rules to a file group.

I’m pretty sure I have the free version of Comodo firewall 8, only got it yesterday.

Firewall tasks/advanced settings/add file/c:\program files\your folder*/tick use rulesset/under web browser down arrow go down to blocked application and clck it so it is at top/ ok /ok

Replace your folder with the program path. your folder* contains all the files in the folder

To block all in comodo would be C:\program files\comodo*

  1. Click tasks → firewall tasks → advanced settings
  2. Under the firewall settings click application rules → right click in the white space → select “add”
  3. Click the browse button at the top right side of the window → file groups → select the file group you created
  4. Select the option “Use ruleset:” → from the drop down menu select “blocked application”

Now any file you add to your file group will have the blocked application rule applied to it.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, that worked just fine

good to hear :-TU