blocking downloads of exe files from the internet

I have installed comodo firewall on a windows xp server in my small office. This server has 2 Network Cards. One network card for the local LAN (with an ip address of 192.168.*.1) and the other network card with a static IP assigned by my ISP.

All the client machines use the server machine as the gateway to access the internet. I want to setup a rule in comodo firewall that whill block all requests to download programs, i.e exe files. I also want to disallow users from downloading music files such as mp3 etc.

Can someone guide me on how to setup the rule to do this.


What you are describing sounds like a content filter, as it is possible to download using HTTP over the web, even is all other ports and protocols are blocked. Content filtering is something that an anti-virus program does. While CFP v3 does have a local filesystem capability, it’s not intended (to my knowledge) to filter traffic on a server that is simply moving network traffic around.

If you want to use CFP v3, then you’d have to do so on each user machine, and not on the server. Then you’d be presented with the problem of how to keep each user from undoing the rule on that machine.

I don’t know that what you’re wanting to do is possible with CFP.