blocking couple accounts in combination with Spamihilator

when using Outlook in combination with spamihilator and CAV from the 4 addresses CAV is blocking 3 in some way.

Er is een probleem opgetreden tijdens het aanmelden bij de e-mailserver. Uw gebruikersnaam is geweigerd. Account: ‘***’, Server: ‘localhost’, Protocol: POP3, Reactie van server: ‘-ERR Missing username argument’, Poort: 110, Beveiligd(SSL): Nee, Serverfout: 0x800CCC90, Foutnummer: 0x800CCC91

=> a problem occurred when connecting to the email server. Username denied. Account:‘***’, server: ‘localhost’, Protocol: Pop3, reply of server: ‘ERR Missing username argument’, Port: 110, etc.

When I exit CAV (stop) the problem is gone as well. Only there in combination with CAV

It is the virus scan build version which I installed on 15 Nov 07

spamihilator version

working account:
not working accounts:

anybody a tip how to solve?