Blocking Certain Ports?


Under Comodo free firewall.

Network Security Policy\Global Rules I added Block single port to single port of 137 and another for 139.

When I run Peerblock, some IP address’s try to connect to me through Port 137 but Peerblock stops them from connecting.

Now if Peerblock is blocking them why is Comodo not doing its job?

Am I port blocking wrong in Comodo?


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Have you added this exe file? this is how you do it

CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Add —> Select —> Browse…
When you have added the file click on it and then press edit. Here you replace Allow with Block.

Valentin N

the topic opener told us that he made a block rule in global rules. so it would be valid for anything. no need for an exe.

if you dont want to send and recieve on specific ports, choose in global rules: block IN/out IP(means all protocolls), any adress, and choose the ports for source and destination. the best would be to make it one time for destination and one time for source. because then it is more sure that the ports are unasked(!) closed, whatever other port is involved on the other side. the only specific info should be each time the port. make sure that block rules are standing in logical order on top of the lists!
its good to use the stealth port wizard setting 3 to be protected on all ports for any unrequested ingoing traffic, without getting questions about them anymore.

if you run another block program too, one will block. why should the second program block something that is allready blocked?
thats why you should not run two security products which do the same… because maybe no one of both will block then, or other strange errors can appear.

It is maybe not safe to block Netbios as a global rule , particularly if you operate a LAN (unless your LAN is specified in the stealth wizard, but such rules are too wide for me).

Why then not make 2 sets of Network Strategy rules? The first one allows Netbios as long as BOTH source and dest are LAN, the following one denies everything for Netbios ports.

“not safe to block netbios”?
it is safe :smiley: … maybe its not good for some situations… but it is safe :slight_smile:

you could easily make an exception which you could put over the block rule. it wasnt asked, but just an example of an exception rule:
“allow IP in/out when “home ip1” is source and “home ip2” is destination, and port is…”

a rule set is a logic quiz :slight_smile:

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