Blocking CavEmSrv.exe


The latest beta sometimes blocks CavEmSrv.exe which then results in not being able to receive emails. Turning CPF / CAV inbound scanner off allows email to be received.

It seems to be when Outlook Express has been open for a while that it starts to be blocked. CPF is set to automatically approve applications certified by Comodo. Turning this off CPF displays a popup, for CAvEmSrv, but email is still blocked, then I click the send and receive and two more popups from CPF about CavEmSrv.exe and email is then allowed through normally.

I’ve turned automatically approve applications certified by Comodo back on the problem seems to have gone.


[attachment deleted by admin]

After the popup, when the rule is created, when you restart the email client, it should work ok. This type of behavior should disappear when the rule is created and the instance of the blocked application is restarted.


Ok thanks egemen, everything is working fine since the popup.