Blocking before Comodo loads

I read that comodo blocks all internet traffic even before it loads on windows startup.
I have tried pinging an internet site before comodo loaded on windows startup, and I noticed the first ping request was blocked but the next two got a response. This happened any number of times I tried before the comodo icon appeared in the system tray.

Does this mean comodo is not blocking all traffic before it loads completely? Any ideas anyone?

By default you have only “ICMP Echo Reply(code 8 ) In” blocked in global rules, to pass ping utility you need to add in global rules “block ICMP echo request(Code0) In” also…

Or a simplier explanation is, COMODO was fully loaded by the time the other pings were sent.

Then the first ping should not get blocked either?

No, a ping command tries thrice by default in a command window. And until the comodo icon appears in system tray, the first ping in each set of three tries is blocked. I.e., the next two in each set of three ping tries are allowed. So it does not seem that Comodo is already loaded fully as you say.

Hope this is clear.

Popping up the thread.

I wanted to comment on this too. I’ve installed Comodo on my work laptop and it’s causing some problems. If my laptop has a network connection when it boots, it runs a number of scripts. If there is a network connection, but the scripts can’t communicate with whatever server resource they’re trying to reach, it takes my machine forever to boot waiting on these scripts to timeout. I’ve put the firewall and D+ in training mode, but it appears the firewall is dropping all traffic until the policy loads properly.

Is there anything I can do to prioritize Comodo so that the policy is loaded sooner, or do I have to resort to disabling “load with windows” and putting Comodo in my startup folder?


Add a zone for your work LAN. I had this same issue and adding a zone fixed it.