Blocking banners in Comodo firewall: possible?

Subj. Didn’t find any options for it. In Agnitum Outpost firewall there’s a special banner-blocking module. How about it in Comodo?


AFAIK this feature is not found in CPF, and in my opinion this is not the porpouse of a firewall. Anyway, if you want to block banners why don’t you try out the adblock plus plugin for firefox? It works fine for me.

The matter is I’m using Opera.

Hi Andriy,
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Blocking popup is browser’s job not firewall’s. And opera does this job nicely:
i set it as “block unwanted popups” but if u wan total hassle-free, click “block all popups”.

I’m just feel confident enuf not to click on some banners like “congrats! u r 999,999 visitor of dis site” or “Comgrats! u win a green card to US”

aladinonl, actually I want to block not popups, but banners of certain sizes from certain addresses. Opera can’t do this job. Maybe you know some concrete app that does it? ???

I dun dig in those function apps much coz I believe in my sense.

But i make a quick search, haf tried none of 'em so i cant make a suggestion.
sorry abt dat, but hope can giv u something new to try out.

Here they r:

The Ad-Police,
PopGun Ad Stopper,
Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite,
SoftSearch Toolbar 1.3 Ad-Killer Edition,
NoAds 2006.02.04,
Pop Stop,
Pop-up Free,
Tech-Pro StopAds,

Thanks a lot for help! I’ll try them out and find the best one for me. (:WAV)

Opera’s content blocker. There’s no need to install extra software.;msg90117#msg90117