Blocking apps that constantly phone home, but now CIS is the worst offender

The main reason I use Comodo is because because I don’t want anything, Windows and CIS included, to be constantly connected to the internet. I decide what uses my internet connection and when. It’s my right to do so, because it’s my hardware, and I’m paying for the internet connection, which is not very fast. What thoroughly annoys me how developers of many of the most common programs just assume the right to allocate a significant portion of my bandwidth without at least asking for permission first. Its also pretty amazing how badly the windows firewall leaks, even when set to block all connections.

Up until very recently, I’ve been pretty happy with the way Comodo works. I’ve recommended it to most of my friends. But what the h*ll is with the newest version? I’ve noticed that every time I start my computer, CMDagent now automatically makes literally hundreds of attempts to phone home and maintains severaly active connections the entire time I’m on the internet. This is the exact reason I stopped using all Symantec products over a year ago. I no longer use the Comodo anti virus or Defense+ because of this. I don’t want a list of my running processes scanned in some cloud. Is there is no way to set Comodo to update only when I give it permission?

Disable cloud . Go to Antivirus, scanner settings manual and schedule scans untick enable cloud scanning in both. Also in defense +, defense + settings, execution control settings, untick automatically scan unrecognized files in cloud and untick perform cloud based behavioural analysis in cloud this should disable cloud lookups. Go to antivirus, scanner settings, real time, manual and schedule scanning untick automatically update virus database in all 3 that will disable auto updates of database. To disable these is not necessarily recommended and not the best choice for everyone. Hope this helps your problem and Kind regards. P.s I think I have mentioned similar to this in another post, sorry to the forum for possibly doubling up.

Thank you

I suppose I should read the manual more thoroughly, but it’s 338 pages long. It probably sounds kind of foolish to want to set Comodo this way, but I have a system with 5 different versions of windows, 3 of which are almost never connected to the internet, and the firewall and defense+ is pretty effective in blocking executables that serve no purpose but to slow the system down

No settings sounds foolish everyones setup is different, that is why they are changeable. Reading the manual takes the fun out of learning. Kind regards to you.