Blocking applications that use Firefox/IE to contact internet


I’ve recently installed an application (Axcrypt) on my PC. When used, it attempts to use any open internet program (messenger, firefox, IE) to “phone home”. I decided to block it (as during the installation I had said I did not want notification of updates, so why would it be phoning home?!!), but have found that the firewall then blocks the whole application e.g. firefox from contacting the internet until I re-boot. Which is a bit of a pain!!

So, is there any way avoiding shutting down Firefox every time I block Axcrypt from using it? Or is there any way of “releasing” Firefox without re-booting?

If not I think I’ll de-install Axcrypt…dont like what it is up to…!!


Try my solution as described in,2073.0.html .

In doing so, you should be able to block all traffic from ANY app. to a host or IP-address. Don’t forget to make it rule #0 !

Good luck

Thanks for this. I gave it a go, with interesting results. The IPs that CPF told me that “Axcrypt” was attempting to contact, via Firefox, were actually the IPs of the pages I had open, i.e. this one and, in another tab, google!! I found this out when adding this IPs to the blocked list as you described, and then was unable to get to these sites…

So, I donno whats going on!

If Axcrypt somehow connects to web sites in your browser, then how did you know it was ‘phoning home’ in the first place? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to run a packet sniffer like Ethereal first and find out what’s really happening, i.q. who sends what kind of information to whom?

Well, I guessed Axcrypt was phoning home, not having looked in detail at the IPs. CPF told me that it was using firefox to access the internet. So assumed it was to phone home. I dont know what to look for in packet sniffing! So, will do some surfing on that one …! Thx. R.

Ah ha !!!

I think the “problem” relates to the fact that Axcrypt modifies the menu of Windows Explorer. And it is this change that CPF is detecting…! I think I can relax…