Blocking application that is set as allowed, trusted and an exception

I’ve used this program for almost 5 years now. And it’s getting to the point where I’m about to stop using it. It keeps me safe, but the cost in frustration and inconvenience is getting pretty high.

With that out of the way, I’d like to explain my issue and see if maybe someone can explain why this is happening. I have a game which is ran through Steam, both the exe of the game and steam are set as trusted files. Both are set as allowed applications in the HIPS options, and both are set as exceptions to the behavior blocker. Yet, Comodo blocks disk access, com interface access and DNS/RPC client access to the game exe without a pop up. Remember this exe is set as a trusted file, an allowed application and an exception to the behavior blocker. And it’s not being sandboxed, or at least I’m not being told if it is.

This is becoming a trend, Comodo is forcing me to disable the HIPS and the Sandbox modules more and more because they seem to prevent things from working without giving pop ups. And as far as I can tell, the options I’m given to override this don’t work. The options to hide pop ups isnt enabled. I can’t go into the log and change the permissions on a case by case basis. And there seems to be very little way to interact with each case with no pop up appearing. The programs that are being blocked are on every “Safe” list I have access too, and still defense plus blocks them – with no pop up.

I’m hoping this is a simple oversight on my part, because I really would rather not spend the next hour installing a new security system. :frowning:

Please try my new FAQ here to see if it works for you. It include some tweaks above those you have tried.