Blocking another Computer [Resolved]

Hello to all (:WAV) I’m running Comodo firewall ver. 2.4 and i’ve created a network rule Blocking the hostname of the computer on my network but some how my computer is still communicating with the other comp. The problem i have is i do not trust the other computer on the network so i created the block the hostname of the other comp rule but it dosent seem to be working. Anyone able to help??

how about “blocking the ip address” instead of the host name?

That’s the odd thing the hostname rule is blocking the IP also.

You don’t need the firewall for that. Go to Start → Help & Support, in the search field, type: “deny network access” and hit Enter. One of the results will be “Deny access to this computer from the network” (along with other options).

Hiya Zito (:WAV) Thanks for the fast reply. But I couldn’t seem to get that to work either. :frowning: :cry:


do you have fixed ips or dhcp, often if shutdown and restart comodo icon it works.

and try a new rule with blocking, not the wizard by adaptor.

and be aware of the sort order of your network rules.


Well i’ve tried about everything i can think of and Everyones advice here. But i think it is still communicating with the other computer… :frowning: I’ll mess around with a few more rules and try and see if it fixes the issue. Thanks for the advice everyone :smiley: (:CLP)


your blocking pc rule must be 1 rule

then next is your subnet allow rule

it works, really dont give up, if comodo does anything, then blocking :slight_smile:


look in forum “block host”, make it that way

if that all not work, you must configure each pc access seperate.

understand, no range given, just seperate ips each

you mean the Rule i made to block the other computer should be #1 inside network monitor?


yes, but also sometimes it could be that if you allowed your network by ip range …0 to …255
somehow it dont work, …

then you need setup wizard each time as many pcs you have give all a unique ip if your dchp blah,

yes as first rule should work imho, make 2 entrys in and out.


Put the Hostname Block rule as #0 (which is the first rule) So far it seems to be working too. So if there are any mods online you can go ahead and mark this as resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for the help everyone :smiley:

Hi Goose,

Here’s an illustrated guide which might help:

Hiya Zito Thanks again I’m not running XP Pro like those displays were so it wasnt exactly the same setup. But i think i got it good and blocked now :slight_smile: Thank you

As per your request, it has been done. :wink: If you need it reopened, just PM one “Mod” (please include a link to this topic) and said “Mod” will be glad to do so.