Blocking an IP

Comodo has just popped up with a few firewall alerts they rarely happen and im wondering what is going on,

2 source IP’s are given:

Application: System

Direction: In

The details are:
“ is a safe application. However, you are about to receive a connection from another computer. If you are not sure what to do, you should block this request.”

any enlightenment as to waht is happening would be helpful, thank you

Most likely Computers on your network are trying to communicate with your computer
(File/Printer Sharing, Keep-Alive, Internet Connection Sharing, Auto Discovery etc etc)

Hope this helps

Sorry but what is Keep-Alive?

So any other device connected to my internet Modem might try to access my System? well this is a shared internet connection between 2 people myself and somone else so maybe

thank you for your reply also

Your Most Welcome

Keep-Alive Server (Mainly a Computer keeping a connection alive for length of time)

Windows 7/Vista have what is called Network Discovery; if you are connected to a modem It will search for other computers on the network(Quietly) so another user on connected to the same modem may get an alert that you just did; This is the most common occurrence of such event. OR if you have another computer connected(Internet Connection Sharing) to yours you’ll also receive such alerts as well

I’m confusing my self here; but did i answer any of your questions?

Yes Many thanks, this died down my worries of hackers and such, i am getting a new laptop soon so it will be clean and fresh and ill take all precautions the moment i get it, meaning antivirus and such before connecting to the net, but meanwhile i need this laptop till then.

Thanks again