Blocking an .exe file [RESOLVED]

I’m new to this forum, and I’m not very savvy to technical stuff–like I don’t know whether I have Comodo v3 or v2, but I installed it about a week ago (7/7/08) so…

The problem I’m having has to do with SynTPHelper.exe. When it tries to access my laptop, a note comes up from Comodo asking if I want to accept it or block it. The problem is, my cursor freezes up! And I can’t move it by any means until the note disappears. I’ve tried the shift key, ctrl key, alt key, esc key, and combinations of them to
release the cursor but to no avail. Is there any way to keep the file from coming up?

I did change the number of seconds that the note remains, as things return to normal when it disappears.

Thanks for any help! Bill

If you just installed Comodo you should know what version you have. Is your taskbar icon a blue or white shield?

I have a white shield.

Well then you have Comodo 3.0. Try putting the D+ and the Firewall in training mode for abit and let Comodo learn your programs.

                                                                                                                                                           Hi Bill,welcome to the forums,first off lets try to add this rule to Defence+ manually.

1.From the main interface(right click on white shield and select open) click on Defence+/Now on Advanced/Now on “Computer Security Policy” [this is where all the Defence+ rules are located]

1a.First off can you see any referance to SynTPHelper? If you can highlight it/click “edit” /check the box Use a Predefined Policy/From the drop down list choose “Trusted Application”,then APPLY to close all windows.

If not do step 1 and move to step 2

2.Click “Add” in the top right corner then click “Select”.Now click “browse” and find SynTPhelper.exe,when you find it double click on it and the path should appear under “application path”
Now “Apply to close all windows”

If you now see the SynTPHelper.exe in the “computer security policy” you can do step 1a

Post back any questions.


ps do you see anything in Defence+/Common tasks/view Defence+ events,relating to SynTPHelper?


Thanks guys! The ‘training mode’ seems to be working. And I’ll follow the detailed advice in the next few days!

Only leave training mode on for a week or so then put it back to safe mode.

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