Blocking all traffic except allowed applications?

I have the firewall in the custom policy mode and no global rules set (so nothing explicitely allowed or blocked).

Does this mean all traffic is blocked except applications that I’ve allowed to connect?

Pretty much. Custom policy does what it states it does: You get alerted to something that you haven’t already defined and doesn’t fall under the umbrella of windows operating system, regardless of whether or not it’s approved by Comodo as Safe.

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Move your “Alert settings” slider up to high or very high,Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behavior Settings/Alert Settings.

You should now get a pop up for any application which doesn`t have a rule for it in"Application Rules"

It is possible to block all applications so nothing without a rule can get out,or give you a pop up.To do this you need to create a rule for “All Applications”–>Pre-defined rule “Blocked Application” and make it the bottom rule in your list of application rules.


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thank you

I’d also like to know about some common place global rules that people should take for granted. Things like blocking icmp ping requests and all that.