Blocking a subdomain [RESOLVED]

I’m trying to block “” using the “My Blocked Network Zones” on Comodo Free Firewall - but this particular address blocks ALL internet activity. I can’t even load google when I try to block this address. Any ideas?


I added that address and to be sure, I couldn’t access any sites, not even ones on localhost ??? Even all pings to my router at address timed out. Very odd.

Adding other sites to the block list seems to work as expected. Maybe someone has an explanation, but I’m clueless.

Apparently “ads1” has been causing problems in other programs too - like Adblock Plus. Makes you wonder if Windows has something built-in to prevent blocking it.

Hi gatzke,

I’m checking out some things and could you please give a URL and more specifically what you want to block.

So I can tell if what I’m doing is what you want and is working.


All I want to block is “” - But I don’t think Comodo has the ability to block subdomains.

I am asking you to give a clue here.
Is it a page with some ads you are trying to block?
A whole page?

I’m fairly sure there is a way, but I need a link to test before I can tell you how.


You can add this as a BLOCK-OUT rule in FIREWALL → ADVANCED → NETWORK SECURITY POLICY → GLOBAL RULES → ADD. The rule parameters are as follows;

Action : BLOCK
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : OUT
Description : BLOCK ADS1.MSN.COM
Source Address : ANY
Destination Address : HOSTNAME - ADS1.MSN.COM
Source Port : ANY
Destination Port : ANY

Click Apply, move this new rule to the top of the list and click APPLY again. Just to be certain this new rule is read, you could reboot and then test.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Nice work Panic - working well so far. Cheers.

NP - Blocking an outbound request to a domain is always best done at the outermost protection layer, which is the global firewall rules.

Besides, building rules manually like this helps understand how rules, and communications in general, work.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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