Blocking a application request stops the browser too!

Hello All,

Maybe someone has had this problem? It is making me crazy. I wrote to Comodo support, they referred me to FAQ. That stuff is pretty technical and I couldn’t figure out if the answer to my question was there or not. Sorry… I am not that techy. I like Comodo, except for this particular problem I am having.

Anyway, here’s the problem. I have several applications that I do not want communicating to the net. 2 of them wish to use the browser (IE or FF, doesn’t matter - the same thing happens with either). I get a popup that says such-and-such program is trying to use the browser (or browser port??) to communicate outbound. If I block such programs, that also locks up the browser, so it stops talking to the internet also. Is there a way to stop this, like some step-by-step rules someone can outline?


It’s a known problem with CPF, so hopefully it will get solved with the next release. I haven’t tried the latest release, since i’m waiting for “my” language to be released.
You can click block without remembering, and restart the app. Sometimes you have to restart CPF too.
Some users have to reboot the PC! I’m just glad that i’m not one of them…
If i trust the app, i just allow it…