Blocked Zone Custom IP's not remembered on Configuration Save?

I have about 20 custom IP’s that I have entered manually into the Network Zones > Blocked Zones area.

I then saved my configuration with the newly added IP’s and reloaded an older configuration that did not have these blocked zones set. The old configuration does not show the custom IP’s as it well shouldn’t.

The problem is that when I re-load the NEW configuration that did contain the Custom IP’s, they are not restored along with the configuration. :frowning:

Is this a bug or by design? I would have assumed that saving a configuration would automatically save any custom block ranges as well? Any advice appreciated.

Would really appreciate if someone from Comodo could answer my query.

Did you activate the imported configuration? If not we may be looking at a bug.

Sorry for the late reply.

I only use one configuration profile - ie. Comodo Proactive. This is the profile I always back up and the one I restored via the “Import” option.

I assumed that importing a configuration profile with the same name as the current one (ie. Comodo Proactive) would automatically restore and “activate” it as well. Are we required to import and then “activate” it well?

Do let me know as I have never done it that way before.


I am inclined to think when you import a configuration under the same name it will overwrite the active one and will be activated automatically (I have never tried this though).

Can you please try the following? Import a factory default configuration under a different name (like CIS Proactive Security Test) and activate it. Then add the 20 IP addresses to Blocked Zones. Does the same problem happen again? This is to see if the problem is with your configuration or with CIS.