blocked wrong file - Windows doesn't boot anymore

Hi out there,

I get a bluescreen right before it comes to the page to enter my Windows User Password. I use Windows XP Pro SP2. I tried to repair it with Windows-CD, no change.

Luckily my last login was just 30 minutes before, so I know, what I did all before.
1.) Registry First Aid Platinum - Made a run with it and deleted registry entries after uninstalling BSPlayer, CODECS etc. Watched every entry and didn’t see anything suspicious for this problem, but I’m not a pro.
2.) I blocked a .dll where a “global hook” should be installed during uninstalling a codec. (Maybe I’m to fast to block because I know that I have some malware). I can only tell it was one of the dlls with many different lettters. I know some of them are infected.

** EDIT: I COULDN’'T retrieve the old registry. Was mistaken. **

Starting in Safe Mode doesn’t work: “Windows-XP-Setup cannot be started in Safe Mode”.
Starting with the last known working Config doesn’t work either.

I now have a second installation of WinXP and am looking for a way how to unblock that file in CFP. But how do I get there? When I tried to start Comodo with the BART-PE it was not possible because it missed a dll-file. Don’t know the name exactly now, but something similar to fileliist.dll.

And how can I retrieve an older version of the registry?

Please help! :cry:
I wanted to do a complete system reinstall in 2 weeks, but now I have to learn for exams!

I now got my system back with a method described by microsoft using the recovery console. It’s even easier with a BART-PE or Windows-PE CD.
For german speaking folks follow this link:

I understand that Comodo saves the policies in registry keys, so you could set it back to an earlier date when recovering the registry.